To be Religious or Spiritual 12 Jan 21

The barque of Religiosity and Spirituality

To be Religious or Spiritual?
January 12, 2021

Everybody is spiritual to an extent. We are souls possessing a body. Being religious has several, often contradictory connotations. A person may be religious by virtue of adherence to an organised faith tradition, in which case, it is adherence to human interpretation of the Divine Intent. Or he could be religious by virtue of adherence to textual interpretation, which is subject to our biases and limitations. This is actually a false dichotomy, since it is predicated on us accepting or rejecting doctrine on the basis of our preferences, not knowledge of taste….

By Terence Kenneth John Nunis


“Shari’ah” refers to the Divine law, discerned through our interpretation of the Divine Intent, and the Prophetic intent. “Thariqa'” is the path, meaning the spiritual path, and the deeper intent of that law. “Ma’rifat” is gnosis, which is recognition of the Divine Hand in all things. “Haqiqah” is the Reality of things.

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