A Time Beyond Time

Shabbat (lit. “rest”, “cessation [of work]”); the Sabbath, the divinely-ordained day of rest on the seventh day of the week.See 1032 Related Articles is a day of rest. And that, conceptually, is an oxymoron.

Because a day is a period of time, and time is activity. And rest means a cessation of activity. In other words, a cessation of time.

But this is Shabbat: A day in which our temporal world joins with a world beyond time.[..] Source: A Time Beyond Time

What does it mean for our temporal world to join with a world beyond or without time?


  1. True. A day is a period of time (2 Peter 3:8). We entered God’s one-time Sabbath with the new millennium; the beginning of the seventh day or seven-thousandth year since the beginning of man’s spiritual decline, symbolized by the fall in the garden. If man had done the spiritual works (“activity”) that Jesus spoke of and illustrated for us in the beginning of the 5th day, his heart would have been made pure. He would have kept God’s one-time Sabbath Day, holy. The day that was meant for rest has become the day in which man must do the internal or spiritual works that will save him from himself. An oxymoron, indeed.

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  2. Hi Andrew, the following is an explanation of how temporal and non-temporal time coexist:

    “When we stop resisting the HOLY SPIRIT of our heart, it begins to influence the thoughts of our mind, exposing what is in the heart, bringing to light our word of error, exposing every false belief we’ve accepted into our heart. This false word makes up the flesh that covers the heart. With each false belief we remove, we remove a layer of flesh, which is circumcision of the heart. The more of truth we become, the more of spirit we become, our internal flesh moving through degrees of density, becoming lighter and lighter, which is the process of spiritual ascension. The third dimension is carnal, the fourth, transitional, and the fifth, spiritual.” THE BIBLE DECODED

    ” The greatest gift God could impart to His human Adam was the gift of enjoying the physical realm with all of its visual and tactile delights; the privilege of frequently indulging in sensual gratification, but in a perfected state; with a pure mind and heart. Living the 3rd dimension, but under the divine spiritual attributes of the 5th dimension.” THE LITTLE BOOK FOR THE SOUL

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    • I was reading Philosophy of Timelessness and God. Someone has devised a formula in physics to explain how omnitemporality and the temporal can meet. Not the spiritual reality .


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