The Shophar is – by Sandra L Butler

Sounding the shofar
Bible coloring sounding the shofar.

The significance of the shofar – Biblical referrences

I am gratful to Sandra Butler for clarifying the concept of the call of th Shofar, so here are her responses to my article on the Shofar.pp

The shofar is to announce a battle; the battle of overcoming our false religious and personal beliefs. At the sound of the shofar, on the third day, the children of Israel (chosen to represent us the people) were to ascend the mount, but they declined out of fear. The third day began with the new millennium, the beginning of the 3rd-thousandth-year (2 Peter 3:8) since the death of the Jesus, symbolizing the death of Truth from within our Heart due to our false perceptions and beliefs. The last trump has sounded. It’s time to ascend that metaphorical mount, our desire greater than our fear, the message of the children of Israel, our greatest spiritual teachers!

When I examind and thought through the image from the Bible Coloring Book I was perplexed with the concept of the shofar being sonded to welcome Jesus into the world. However it was not the child but the adult, the Messiah into which he would grow. There is no doubt that our Christianity has Jewish roots, not to be confused with those who would make a religion from it.

Messianic Judaism

Messianic Judaism,” one of many religions to come down the pike over the past 1500+years, our spiritual works being to overcome these doctrines, all of which have been built upon a foundation of sand, NOT upon the rock.

Sandra L butler

My final comments is to restress the need for contextual knowledge of the eons of the Hebrew Scriptures so that we might more clearly understand them and their more recent symbols.

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