Coexistence of God’s Time & ours-  Sandra Butler.

After this repost I shall be delving into the less mysterious or at least an answer with less beauty than Sandra’s. Not so much that Earth time and God time cooexist but what occurs when they intersect at,let’s say.90degrees. This was my question arising from the article from Chabad about Shabbat.

The sands of time – stock media

Hi Andrew, the following is an explanation of how temporal and non-temporal time coexist:

“When we stop resisting the HOLY SPIRIT of our heart, it begins to influence the thoughts of our mind, exposing what is in the heart, bringing to light our word of error, exposing every false belief we’ve accepted into our heart. This false word makes up the flesh that covers the heart.

With each false belief we remove, we remove a layer of flesh, which is circumcision of the heart. The more of truth we become, the more of spirit we become, our internal flesh moving through degrees of density, becoming lighter and lighter, which is the process of spiritual ascension. The third dimension is carnal, the fourth, transitional, and the fifth, spiritual.” THE BIBLE DECODED

The greatest gift God could impart to His human Adam was the gift of enjoying the physical realm with all of its visual and tactile delights; the privilege of frequently indulging in sensual gratification, but in a perfected state; with a pure mind and heart. Living the 3rd dimension, but under the divine spiritual attributes of the 5th dimension. “THE LITTLE BOOK FOR THE SOUL”

Sandra Butler


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