pantheistic or panentheistic

The verse below is written by a WordPress acquaintance living in Israel and is one of many explorations of deity or the lack of it, when I read it I said to myself -‘I can answer this in some way’

Theology, or: Perspective
Posted on May 5, 2021

By David ben Alexander Theology, or: Perspective – The skeptic’s kaddish (

"My God's far beyond my beyond
But to his presence I respond
Oft He shows His love
Light streams from above
My beloved
I'm so fond"

When we speak of those things, feelings, actions, values etc. beyond our ability or understanding, we are Earthbound – in that the bounds of ordinary expectation pass not beyond the orb upon which we live. The Author speaks of his God being far beyond his Beyond. Panentheistic.

He drops flakes of manna for me
Showering generosity
Towards them I swim
Towards the Great Rim
My tears brim
So meekly

Our Author speaks as a fish in his watery orb Flakes of manna fall- for him-and he does not ask “What is it?” From within his watery orb he swims toward his Beyond, for Immanent in His glory, all giving is his nature God has come to him.

He defies imagination
Gills quiver with adoration
He knows ev'rything
Accepts all I bring
My Sea King
You're the One

God is inexplicable, quivering with adoration, omniscient, omni-accepting as Neptune is king of the sea so this fish is god to him.

I am his and He is Mine – we are pantheistic or does His panentheistic Nature proclaim the Great Beyond?


  1. Andrew, I took care of a quadriplegic attorney for seven years before marrying him. He had a remarkable career and I was proud to be his support person. I admire you for taking care of your wife. We need interfaith efforts, so, I admire that too. ❤ All the best!

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