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As a Psychologist,(BA Psych/Phil.) , Theologian (LTH) and one slowly befriending bipolar Affective Disorder and struggling with my Spirituality I was prompted by the Spirit to reply to Rahul Gaur. Akin to poetry I have allowed my mind to follow his words, both into and out of a Place I often find myself.

Rahul’s Poetry is white on gold.

Don’t view your mistakes
under the glare of the sun

In the light of day our physical and psychological states can seem so overwhelming that we can neither think nor act properly.

KJ21 For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest shall ye be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength; but ye would not. Isaiah 30:15

Talk to your weakness
in the comfort of solitude
Understand to react
and discriminate your woes away

But when we do quieten our minds, still the ever condemning tapes we like to play back to ourselves, converse with our other self, rationality can return. Perspective retain its Truth, the view of our inflated pains deflate and go their small way. They cannot really hurt us.

A lively mind is waiting
at the end of the overwhelming
emotion you are feeling right now

Then in the light of the next day, with a soul no longer tormented – for now, our minds are clearer, our thinking sharper, the woes of the night before as the wisp in a dream. (They always say that everything will be better in the morning, and often it is, but it doesn’t heal by its self.)

Falling into reveries
that I can’t intervene
All of my desires
and imagination freed

Time to allow us to be ourselves, letting go to let our minds dream peacefully while the active part of us is free to imagine and to create. We are not homogenous, there are factions within ourselves that have their places yet in times of angst, depression, anxiety – we the Ego grasp all the burdens to ourselves and we are overwhelmed.

The will to control dies
in the subtle world of my
subconscious abandon
The incomplete dream
waits and fades from me
to finish it in the transient reality

But in the quietness, with the words of the comfort of our God as a mantra to our now subconscious selves, our Egos open their hands to let control slip down into the depths where it fades. We work out our salvation, each time, from this dilemma simply by letting go, allowing all to fall in the proper places in our minds.

Rahul Gaur

This poem is an extension of Rahul’s post from yesterday. ‘The test of Will ‘- All the learnings from facing anxiety. Rahul Gaur


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