In answer to [By] definition, or: [False] comfort

As I said the otherday, this little poem sparked a thought which I am now bringing to you.

The Skeptics Kaddish.

Stock Media Free Photo Library.

Self expression by voice or signing is vitally important because we need to tell of the grandure of God, of God’s mercy, of our disbelief. Of the beautiful sunset. We need to tell others how we feel, how we are. Yet most of all we need to know how we are feeling,faring,progressing, regressing, gaining or regaining virtue, loving ad infinitum.

David :""I've emotions I can't hope to describe
floating beyond the reaches of language""

------ There are those things which we apprehend - tacitly- as though understanding how we feel without a name to that feeing. Just out of our reach, we cannot make utterance to another, our anger, our sadness, jealousy, depression or whatever..we cannot describe what we do not know, feelings are elusive and have no voice.......

""words are merely blurry facsimiles
that provide [false] comfort
[by] definition""

-------Is the word anger, like my anger, like any anger at all, that single word will need qualifiers, it will be dependent on another word, equally elusive..... Is my sadness like your sadness? Small comfort the 'O but everyone gets sad sometimes' because it is my sadness, not yours I cannot.... alexithymia? As though my brain were wiped, my vocabrulary erased.Scrabbled!

By definition or false comfort I cannot tell,I am twisted inside, struck dumb, I feel, I emote yet what of either can I tell?...

When words fail us our unsigned feelings fill our glassy frustration up to the brim and water slips down the side of it like tears from eyes – ashamed.

When words fail us, or when they hide themselves within unreachable crevices in our mind.

I am twisted inside, struck dumb, I feel, I emote yet what of either can I tell?…


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