Exile at Home

Tzvi Freeman

Zion is redeemed by the study of Torah, and its captives through charitable deeds. (Isaiah 1:27)

Exile is more than a geographical circumstance. Even if every Jew lived comfortably in the Land of Israel, we might all still be in exile. Exile within our own land.

Exile is a state of being that we carry within ourselves. It is sustained by a cause and healed by healing its cause: The exile of the divine soul within each one of us, and the discord that stands between us.

Because we are spread over the entire globe, with our healing comes the healing of the entire world. With our return from exile, all things will return to their intended place in a grand harmony.

The return to Zion depends upon our return to our own souls within Torah, and peace and harmony in this world begins with acts of loving-kindness between each of us.


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