This is a fact: Between the Almighty and ourselves.

Published 27th July by the Author

You’ll be attacked for doing something good by people who are doing absolutely nothing.

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Supplicate & supplicate. Do it with utmost fervour during these blessed nights. May the One who created you bless you, protect you, heal you, forgive you, promote you, comfort you & ease all your affairs. He doesn’t need perfect words from you. Just a heartfelt call. Sincerely!

Waiting for the Almighty to unfold His Plan for you isn’t always easy. So many factors to consider. But know that in the end, the wait by Divine appointment will be worth it. When you finally see what’s in store for you, all your woes will be forgotten!

Almighty. We pour out our worries, anxieties and fears to You, asking for strength to carry on our journey. Times are tough. People have lost loved ones, jobs, their sense of peace. Help us remain calm, totally accepting that You’re in control. Surround us with love and healing!

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