495 Life is not the same-for later comment.

Visual representation
Painting by Richard Powers

Author Rahul Gaur

I live a fictional life of self-examination⁣
and an attempt to personify wind in my steps⁣
Futile ends of euphoria and its eternal chase⁣
To forget the ends but remember the epiphanies⁣
A glimpse of the flight about to end⁣
I remember to be unafraid of the fall this time⁣
and focus on the journey from ⁣
where I was to where I am and⁣
who I was to who I am⁣

Carved by patience⁣
My pain gives me false hope⁣
My shoulders lose weight in this false flight⁣
to brace the fall ahead⁣
I descend down the hovering clouds⁣
and take the rain of my guilt with me⁣
Maybe this way, my numbness will cry?



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