The Abandonment of the Quran – Hadith of the Day 11-10-21

I would like all here to take the time to read the article and to ponder the consequences of disregarding our own Holy Books – Principally the Bible-but not excluding those of you for whom neither is your Guidance from God.

The article mentions several levels of abandonment, both Spiritual and practical, think how much of this is relevant to the Christian and the Jew, to the Hindu and, more pertinently – how do Muslims understand this passage?

It is known as “al-Kitab” (the Book). It is so well known and highly revered that when any Muslim refers to “the Book,” it is understood to mean the Holy Qur’an. It is the book above all books because it is the complete and final revelation of Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) to mankind. It is the best of speech, the way of guidance, the book of wisdom, and it will remain unchanged and protected until the Day of Judgement. Muslims usually decorate its pages and outside cover and always place it on the highest shelf in their homes to signify its elevated status. Most Muslims begin the most important ceremonies of their lives with the recitation of its blessed words. Yet when it is recited, few are those who listen to it carefully and even fewer are those who understand it. Yet still fewer are those who ponder its meanings and dedicate their life to its study. A human would never abstain from the elements that are necessary for nourishing his body, yet so many humans go for extended periods of time depriving themselves from that which nourishes the hearts and the minds—the Holy Qur’an.[..]

hadith 24 December 2020

Source: The Abandonment of the Quran – Hadith of the Day

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