By Faith we stand

The Feature image, though beautiful is of the locust plague in East Africa, March this year.

I had already bookmarked this poem from the Poetsshoes before I wrote yesterday’s post. For me, at least, this post I am about to share with you accompanies what I struggled to write yetsterday.

Tne Author has placed an eposition beneath her poem which I shall let you have a glimpse, before you go over to read it on her own blog.

By Faith we Stand

Can we turn the tide
 when we stand to face the foe
or is it a fait accompli
with no place else to go?

A glass half full will help
but a glass half empty won't;
our choice of yes or no
 determines our do or don't. [...]
There is one more verse over at the blog  By Faith We Stand..... (

Faith is difficult when situations are difficult, but funnily enough it is in those difficult times that faith will carry us through! When things are peachy we find we don’t need faith so much, when ‘all is well’ in our worlds. Faith in GOD through the hard times will only bring strength and growth to us and that’s got to be a good thing! More at the Source [..]By Faith We Stand….. (

In answer toIf It’s Broken . . . – from the book “Wisdom to Heal the Earth


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