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Hillel would say, “Be of the disciples of Aaron. Love peace. Chase after peace. Love every person that G‑d created, and draw them to Torah

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Love and Torah

By Tzvi Freeman

Hillel would say, “Be of the disciples of Aaron. Love peace. Chase after peace. Love every person that G‑d created, and draw them to Torah.” —Mishnah Avot

Hillel the Elder is speaking about those who are so distant from G‑d and His service that their only redeeming quality is that they are G‑d’s creation. And he tells us that we must pull such people in with thick cords of love. Perhaps, just maybe, we will bring them closer to Torah and G‑d. And if not—we still have not lost the mitzvah of love. —Tanya, chapter 32.

Why does Hillel put an agenda to love? Read the remainder online, Hillel did not, many of us do!

Firstly, what is a Mitzvah?

Speaking to the italics first ,a Mitzvah is a good deed done for religious purposes. To befriend a fellow someone- a fellow Jew, a Secular Jew to draw them back to knowledge the inner Torah.

This was the modus operandi , and still is in some cases, of the Evangelical Churches . By this I mean making friends, in my case it was to invite someone to youth group, so that they might come to know Jesus and eventually follow him as a disciple. I came to give my life to Christ in this manner and then: to witness, to declare Christ to our fellows that they might come to know him. With the fear or apprehension that not to do so was disobeying Jesus who said go into all the world and preach the Gospel baptising in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” Or even tacitly denying Him before the Father. All this in the mind of children!

I can agree that failure to draw people to Jesus does not negate the love, if it was done in love and not for a notch on our belt.

Our misunderstanding was that we did not hold to the belief that the spark of God already resided in everyone awaiting the fanning into flame.

So Hillel says, “Show them your love–just because they have a holy spark inside, with zero expectations. When it’s done that way, that holy

spark will draw them to the Torah.”—

Likutei Sichot, vol 17page 222

So, in our juvenile faith, rather our level 1 James Fowler beliefs we viewed as alien and lost all whom we judged had not Christ. Hence the fear, hatred or other emotions we held towards them and anyone of any other denomination or Religion. There is no god but God, coupled with the gods of the heathens are nought. And our God with our interpretation of the Word is the only Truth.

Our Jewish brethren ergo Hillel, they knew of God within us. SCRIPTURE has a multitude of verses telling us God is with us, yet we still place caveats regarding with whom God dwells,. See God is with us Never minding the fact that in being with us, God is within.

The Kingdom of God is Within You” is the key phrase in Luke 17:21 which inspires the idea of non-violence. Jesus says, “for, behold, the kingdom of God (or Heaven, as is sometimes translated) is within you” in response to the Pharisees asking when the Kingdom of God will come.

The Kingdom of God Is Within You – Wikipedia

Still not clear?

The Spirit is within

In the words of saint Augustine of Hippo

Late have I loved you, Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved you! Lo, you were within, but I outside, seeking there for you, and upon the shapely things you have made I rushed headlong, I, misshapen. You were with me, but I was not with you. They held me back far from you, those things which would have no being were they not in you. You called, shouted, broke through my deafness; you flared, blazed, banished my blindness; you lavished your fragrance, I gasped, and now I pant for you; I tasted you, and I hunger and thirst; you touched me, and I burned for your peace.

Boulding, Maria (1997)

It is the journey into God! Rather than the other way about.


      • Parshat בהר.

        Parshat בהר contrasts with Parshat אמור. Whereas the latter contains 11 chapters, the former holds 7 סוגיות contained within a single chapter. The פרק of Parshat בהר learns from כה: א to כו:ב. The opening סוגיה learns from כה: – ז. The unique cultural tradition known as 7th year Shemitah, this first סוגיה commands.

        Let’s Learn.

        The stark contrast between the two Parshaot, shall open with the kabbalah mussar of the prophet ירמיה and then compare that mussar to the משנה תורה. An exact precise kabbalah of prophetic mussar which understands the k’vanna of the shemitah year: ד: ג – ח

        What defines the fierce anger of HaShem that burns against the chosen Cohen nation? We have abandoned the oath brit faith and have pursued the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev. The din of the Shemitah year plays a key role in the determination of g’lut for our People.

        This key law serves as a test of our faith to keep and honor the Torah. Those who diminish this mitzvah to agriculture or even tzedakah to the poor – not Torah scholars. Attempts to limit this mitzvah to an obtuse heter Machirah debate plummet their absolute ignorance of this mitzvah. This mitzvah judges the din of g’lut decreed, life or death upon our nation.

        Another precise exact mussar precedent: ה: י – יג. When our nation, as a people, holds the Torah inheritance in complete contempt, (like calling Berlin the New Jerusalem), we bring a curse upon our children and their children for generations to come. The basic idea of ירידות הדורות, that domino effect that can cause countless generations to fall.

        Another exact precise mussar precedent: ט: יא – טו. Famine, anarchy, the sword, and g’lut refugees scattered across the face of the Earth. Herein stands the relationship of sh’ittah with ראש השנה Judgment Day upon the Brit!

        A slightly distant precedent: יא: יח – כא. The mitzva of sh’itta judges the domination of “interests”, and the willingness to replace our own personal or even national interests – as our God. The Yatzir to prioritize “interests” above obeying the Torah, herein defines the tumah of avodah zarah in the eyes of ירמיה the prophet.

        A distant precedent: יג: כ – יד: י. When the rains cease to fall in their seasons, and famine plagues the land with dark hunger and thirst — the mitzvah of sh’ittah mocks those bnai brit who despise the Torah oath brit faith. The mitzvah of shemitah condemns generations of arrogant morons to g’lut.

        A slightly distant mussar: טז: ט – יג. The harsh decree of g’lut. This ראש השנה Israel stands in Judgment during a shemitah year of din. The mussar of the prophet ירמיה has reached the pinnacle of clarity in how he understands the mitzvah of shemitah. Shall now compare his mussar to that of the משנה תורה itself.

        A precise and exact precedent: ב: ב – ח. When does HaShem permit invading armies to conquer the oath sworn lands? When our people despise and abhor the shemitah commandment; when we chase after foreign cultures and customs like testosterone driven teenages who pursue after easy women.

        A slightly distant precedent: ה: יב – טו. The negative commandment of מלאכה, primarily and most essentially means not to do acts of theft, oppression, ערוה, and judicial injustice. The secondary ‘fence around the Torah’ taught in tractate Shabbat concerns not doing the 39 principal labors involved in building the Mishkan. The substance of keeping the mitzvah of shabbat focuses upon making shalom with our family and people. Not using Frumkeit to degrade and make non observant Jewry into inferior outcasts.

        The Torah links shemitah to its eternal marital partner: shabbat. In both mitzvot, bigoted fools confuse the tail as being the head. Another slightly distant precedent, the mussar taught in: ו: טז – יט. The mitzvah of making a complete population transfer of stateless refugee populations out of our land.

        Not like the European heartless barbarians war criminals, condemned for their repeated guilt against Jewish refugee populations. But rather to prepare, so to speak, the ground for the Arab states; to cause their National Interests to sprout a need for agricultural workers. To farm their desert lands, due to the super abundance of rain. Which transforms those barren desert wastes into productive farm and fertile ranch lands.

        When Israel pours blessings of prosperity upon our neighbor States; when we build strong economic alliances with countries of the Middle East and North Africa, aggressive imperialist empires from abroad shall not invade or conquer the States of the Middle East and North Africa.
        The repetition of the Torah as taught through the mussar משל of פסל לך שני לוחת. An idol goes by the term פסל. The משנה תורה teaches common law mussar. Literalists who read the Torah like young children first learning how to read, what a total disgrace!

        This ירידות הדורות curse likewise expressed through the literal idea of building the Beit HaMikdash! The Tribe of Levi serves as a perpetual תוכחה/rebuke to the Yatzir HaRah, first born Yatzir within our hearts, to pursue avodah zarah. Jews must not behave like dogs who sniff the butts of other nations. We have a Torah obligation to build and maintain the culture, customs and ways practiced by our unassimilated forefathers.

        A distant Torah precedent: יא: י – כא. The oath sworn lands do not resemble the land of Egypt. The mussar instructed here,,, do not strive to copy nor make this land into a Greek polis, as attempted the Tzeddukim House of Aaron; and as did ben Maimon, ben Asher, and ben Efrayim. These רשעים merit contempt rather than honor, on par with the assimilated Israel who cursed an Israel in the Name of HaShem. As addressed in the previous Parshah.

        These רשעים caused a ירידות הדורות curse that did not culminate till after the fires of the Shoah consumed themselves into disgraceful despicable ashes. We the Jewish people alone accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev. Therefore we alone bear the burden of guilt for the Shoah. Not because Jews behaved as Kapo Jews, (some did), but rather – we as a people accept the Torah curses together with the blessings. Life and death rests within the responsibility of our hands alone.

        The Goyim exist as but a footnote within the Jewish oath bnai brit destiny. The Goyim never accepted the oath revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev. Ask a Goy, what oaths did each of the Avot swear wherein they cut a brit with HaShem? They do not know.

        The term brit, nowhere found within the Koran. Brit does not mean covenant. A Torah brit requires swearing an oath in the Name of HaShem. Neither the new testament nor koran ever include the Name of HaShem within their books of avodah zarah. The light of justice never rose, like as does the sun, among the courts of those Goyim.

        The faith expressed in the 2nd paragraph of the kre’a shma teaches a mussar how Israel can sanctify the commandment to completely up-root alien Arab refugee weed populations out of our land. A population transfer based upon Arab and Muslim state national interests. Rainfall in abundant quantities in the Sahara desert.

        A slightly distant precedent: יג: ב – ו. All false prophets, רשעים who seduce our people to chase after the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim, each and every generation has an obligation to try, convict and remove this evil within the midst of our collective consciousness, on par with the obligation to remove Arab stateless refugee populations from living inside our nation. This idea, totally accepted by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

        When my rabbinic peers sought to re-establish the Sanhedrin court system, the vast majority of those “rabbis” agreed among themselves to base that court system upon the Rambam code of Roman statute laws. ב”ה my rabbinic peers failed to establish Sanhedrin courtrooms.

        A slightly distant precedent: כד: א – כד: יג. The mitzvah of קידושין designates the Cohen people separate from the Goyim on par as to the mitzvot of Shabbat and Shemitah. The African people sold their own kind to exist or die as slaves to Europeans. This disgrace has brought an eternal curse upon the African nations, it compares to the ruined reputation caused by צרעת. Partnership loans likewise stand totally apart from banking interests which base their profits upon charging interest.

        Another slightly distant precedent which explains the k’vanna of shemitah: כו: טז – יט. The generations of Israel must strive in every generation to make a clear הבדלה which separates Israel from the Goy, comparable to t’rumah from chol. Another distant precedent: לא: יד – ל. The mussar Moshe received before he passed from this world, that false prophets would seduce the tumah Yatzir within our hearts; Israel would abandon the oath we swore to uphold and maintain the integrity of the chosen Cohen nation.

        That generations of Israel would model themselves after the customs and ways practiced by the Goyim and make personal and national interests our God whom we worship. Avodah zarah does not limit itself to bowing down to idols made of either wood or stone and covered in gold; or limiting the reality of the Gods to three physical dimensions, as does worship the empirical faith known as the ‘scientific method’. Assimilation tumah perverts tohor whenever Israel bows and worships our own interests above obeying the Torah. The seduction of the tumah Yatzir: “I do not worship Catholic idols and statues!” Protestant avodah zarah swallowed that tumah narishkeit hook line and sinker.

        Torah common law seeks justice. It shares nothing in common with the theologies and creeds belief systems which define both the new testament and koran faiths in their separate Gods.

        Herein concludes the opening סוגיה of Parshat בהר.

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