When words fail

Inspired by RAHUL GAUR,from the poem,”Puzzles of the Mind”:linked below.

My thoughts in the grey blocks. Rahul in black and white.

“An eternity without words ⁣
or lives without eternity⁣
sentences without meaning⁣
no centre within or without⁣

Tongue tied before my God seems an eternity, ears pricked for a word, a sound. Yet ,too involved in self I do not understand.

In shadows, haunting of the past⁣
In light, shimmering of the future⁣

Chasing shadows,running from daemons,feared of the future, no words or pleas I cannot ope my mouth.

I find myself in extremes⁣
of inability to understand ⁣
or being able to understand it all⁣”

In extremis, non comprende, an empty mouth and crippled tongue..

Talya cumi..Ephphatha Arise, O man, be opened.


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