Saints can be boring.

They are so Heavenly minded they are no Earthly good.. I heard this firstly from my mother.

Billy Joel
I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints – the sinners are much more fun.

–Billy Joel (b. 1949)

Author of Post: David ben Alexander
David ben Alexander

Who are the Saints?

But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints” in Romans 15:25?

Saints are the living who follow Jesus, else,if you are Catholics they are those acknowledged to be in Heaven.

Billy Joel most definitely refers to those of us who struggle with our scruples. The meek and mild, a little bit of rope in the sacred Halls of Commerce will not go astray.

The risque jokes and innuendo uttered by the ungodly lift our spirits. The jokes of the saints are nought.

Finding the balance,the middle way, to joke, be funny yet not obscene or double minded. I have to admit to a fair sprinkling of the holy and profane among my repertoire. Naughty jokes are so much funnier, I can’t say that I know many Holy jokes.

We would say ‘another jewel in your crown’ when a good deed was done and mum would add ‘ it will be so #$% heavy I shan’t be able to lift it’ (Grandma Clinton)

Catholics often say ‘offer it up’ when some pain befalls them, completing or joining the agony of Christ on the Cross. ( of course don’t complain)

Fred BLOG died and his spirit wafted its way to the Pearly Gates where Saint Peter checked to see whether he was in the book of life.

Once approved, he moved to a scraggly worn chamber to the sound of a 3 piece band.

He peered through the abyss to hear laughter and the majestic sounds of a full concert orchestra. Questioning Saint Peter, Fred asked why the 3 piece band when Hell had the works. With clerics and judges and other fine folk dancing about.

St. Peter replied ‘you don’t expect us to have a Concert Orchestra for 6 people!’ ( told to me by my ex)

There are many more clean jokes about the afterlife, many told by clerics, to lighten the mood of the piously prayerful.

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