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Jewish Oral Torah law goes by the Hebrew of משנה תורה. This term means “Common Law”. What separates Torah commandments from Torah Law/משנה תורה. A basic fundamental that neither Jesus nor Paul correctly understood.

Paul, for example, opposed brit melah/circumcision. He also declared that Goyim were not under the Law. But his religious rhetoric/propaganda – it “conveniently” (half-truth), failed to distinguish the difference between Jewish Common Law from Roman statute law. Big ‘mistake’ made on purpose.

Jesus struggled with the Pharisee concepts of Shabbat mitzvot observances. The Pharisees, (Greek translation of P’rushim. P’rushim means separated; like a person separates t’rumah and tithes.), they serve as the for runners of the rabbis found in Talmudic Torah common law codification. Jesus, like Paul, clearly did not understand the logic system which defines the whole of משנה תורה, also known as the Book of דברים, the Oral Torah Common Law. Why?

Shabbat observance centers upon not doing מלאכה, translated as “work”. The Talmud of tractate Shabbat defines מלאכה as not doing the 39 principal labors required to build the Mishkan in the days of Moshe the prophet. Jesus clearly failed to grasp that the Oral Torah functions as a logic system format which compares commandments as precedents to determine law. The logic by which the sages compared Torah commandment precedents to other Torah commandments to determine the Law, known as middot. Based upon the revelation of the 13 tohor middot at Horev. This logic system stands as the יסוד/foundation\ of making logical דיוקים/logical inferences.

The Ramban, his introduction to his commentary to the Chumash/5 Books of the Torah\, refers to the kabbalah of white fire on black fire. This metaphor of kabbalah compares to taking a picture with film. Such a pre-computer Age picture has a negative. From that negative, it’s possible to make duplicate pictures. Making the logical דיוק goes by the term of reference known as משל\נמשל or parable/moral. That’s how the whole of the Oral Torah/משנה תורה logic system interprets the k’vanna of the Written Torah.

The Written Torah contains commandments. The Oral Torah employs commandments as legal precedents to derive Torah common law. Roman statute law has no such logic system format as Jewish common law. Roman law relies upon the logic formats established by the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato, Aristotle and others. The Rambam’s halachic code, known by the perverse name as משנה תורה, learns halacha by Roman statute law rather than Jewish common law. A fundamental mistake copied by the Tur and Shulkan Aruch Roman statute law codifications of Talmudic common law. The Apostle Paul, not alone in making the gross error of assimilating and embracing the culture and customs established by the Roman and Greek empires.

The Opening commandment of the Sinai revelation: the thesis statement to the entire Torah! Jesus clearly did not learn this most basic fundamental; he confused the commandment to love as the greatest of the commandments. The Talmud of tractate Baba Kama/First Gate\ teaches the משל of hanging a mountain by a hair. The דיוק, the נמשל of this משל, hanging a mountain by a hair: all the other 612 Written Torah commandments depend upon obeying the 1st Sinai commandment. What defines the 1st Sinai commandment? Doing the other commandments לשמה.

Herein distinguishes the vision of Law Moshe received outside the land of Israel, from the actual practice of Law as justice within the oath sworn lands. Observance of Torah commandments לשמה, the 1st Sinai commandment a person can only do them within the oath sworn lands. Hence the revelation of the Torah at Sinai/Horev exists as only a prophetic vision of mussar, and not a historical fact.

In the Name of the 1st Sinai Commandment, includes a reference of the deliverance from Egypt. The mitzva of shabbat too expresses this identical k’vanna. (Do not know a simple translation for this extremely abstract term, other than the “dedication of tohor middot”. But that’s a completely different discussion).

The Torah commands: do not do מלאכה on Shabbat. How did the Talmud interpret the meaning of the term מלאכה? Torah logic functions by means of making דיוקים/logical inferences. Tractate Shabbat teaches the משל of the 39 principal labors required to build the Mishkan/Tabernacle of the Congregation. But the deliverance from Egyptian slavery, directly addressed in the 1st Sinai commandment, refers to a completely different set of מלאכה … the מלאכה by which Par’o enslaved Jews to make bricks to build his cities!

The term שבת can mean 7th day. But the דיוק on the word שבת also, something like a pun has two or more different words which sound alike, (((foul and fowl for example. The word fowl has one meaning for Odor and another meaning for baseball))), shabbat also means “week”. To keep shabbat entails a dedication. The idea of a sacrifice burnt offering dedicated upon an altar – too most essentially entails the act of swearing a Torah oath. A brit Jew, (cannot cut a brit without swearing a Torah oath), commits to not doing forbidden work on the day of Shabbat, as a משל to not doing forbidden work on the week of Shabbat נמשל!

Meaning a brit Jew dedicates not doing any of the 39 forbidden labors required to build the Mishkan on the day of Shabbat, a משל. As a compound dedication to not doing the מלאכה of slavery of the rest of the days of the week/known also by the name שבת, the נמשל or the דיוק which defines the k’vanna of keeping and observing the mitzva of shabbat.

Jesus did not understand this basic fundamental of shabbat observance. Shabbat exists as both a single day and also the whole week in one word. To keep shabbat means that a person commits to not doing forbidden labors on the rest of the days of the week, such as theft, oppression – such as slander, violence – such as murder or rape, and perversion of courtroom justice, the remembrance of Egyptian slavery … during the rest of the days of the shabbat week! Because the church fathers relied upon Greek logic and denied the Oral Torah logic system, they erroneously assumed that shabbat existed as a single day of the week. The church does not stand alone in this huge error, the Rambam, Tur, and Shulkan Aruch made the identical mistake, they too assimilated to Roman statute law and abandoned Jewish common law.

The Jewish concept of Moshiach. Jewish common law/משנה תורה\ this law legal system stands upon precedents. The concept of Moshiach/messiah, a powerful commandment. What Torah precedent defines the anointing by the prophet Shmuel/Samuel\ of both Shaul and David as Moshiach? The New Testament failed to ask this basic, fundamental question. A big ooops mistake. Moshe anointed the House of Aaron as Moshiach! The prophet Isaiah teaches a huge mussar interpretation of the Written Torah: No Torah commandment to offer sacrifices!!!!

So, what explains the anointing of the House of Aaron as Moshiach and the 3rd Book of the Written Torah??? The concept of the Mishkan – דיוק – teaches the נמשל of ruling the oath sworn lands of conquered Canaan with righteous lateral Sanhedrin courtrooms. These courtrooms function through Common law and not Statute law. British courts compare to ancient Israeli courts in that both legal systems function by way of common law. French and German courts function by way of Roman statute law.

The British Parliament, whatever law it passes defines the Constitution of the British nation-state. American law by contrast has a written Constitution. Hence the US Supreme Court can and has overruled laws passed by Congress and the President. It can and has disqualified law passed by the other 2 Branches of the Constitutional American government. The Supreme Court can and has negated some of those laws and declared them unconstitutional. British courts cannot overrule a law passed by Parliament. Because a law of Parliament defines the Constitution which British courts must uphold.

British common law stands upon legal precedents as does ancient Israeli משנה תורה common law. But the 5th Book of the Torah, דברים, empowers Sanhedrin courtrooms with the additional power known as ‘legislative review’. The Sanhedrin courts like the US Supreme Court can declare a law passed by the Government/the king\ as unconstitutional. But more than the enfranchisement of the American Supreme Court. The Sanhedrin courts have the mandate to rewrite a disqualified Unconstitutional law passed by both Houses of Congress and supported by the Executive branch of the Government.

The Sanhedrin lateral common law court has the power to define the original intent of the Torah Constitution. The Sanhedrin courts not only interpret, but they can also turn and impose their reinterpreted qualified-law upon the nation as a whole — the power, intent and purpose of ‘legislative review’!! Talmudic common law, for example employs the prophetic mussar instruction contained within the Aggadic portions of the Talmud to accomplish ‘legislative review’ of the halachic precedents the Gemarah employs to interpret the intent of a Mishna which the Gemara reviews.

Therefore the משל of the Mishkan, as found in the 2nd Book of the Written Torah teaches a נמשל — the establishment franchise within the Sanhedrin Federal lateral common law courtrooms of legislative review!!! King Shlomo made a big oops mistake when he ignored the mussar which the prophet Natan commanded. When he decided to ignore the prophet Natan and built the 1st Temple, rather than establish the Sanhedrin courts legislative review authority across his kingdom. The last mitzva achieved by Moshe before he passed, he built three of the Cities of Refuge. The Cities of Refuge contain Small Sanhedrin Courts which try Capital Crimes Cases. Hence, based upon the context of this Torah precedent commandment, the prophet Isaiah later commanded the mussar, that Israel never received any commandment within the Torah to dedicate sacrifices!!!! The concept of known as “Beit HaMikdash” only serves as the משל to the Federal Sanhedrin Court system נמשל.

The New Testament presents the messiah story of Jesus as a sacrifice. Another ooops huge mistake. Torah faith centers upon the obligation to conquer the land of Canaan and thereafter rule this land with righteous common law courtroom justice!!! A radically different concept of faith than that preached by Xtians and Muslims theological Creeds and Dogmas.

The prophet Shmuel cannot add or subtract from the Torah commandments. Just as Moshe anointed the House of Aaron to make oath dedications through the משל medium of sacrifices, to rule the conquered lands of Canaan with: נמשל righteous lateral common law courtrooms, so too the anointing of Shaul and later David follow the parameters established by this Torah precedent. Moshe anointing the House of Aaron as Moshiach/messiah. The mitzva of Moshiach — the establishment of the Sanhedrin Federal Court franchise.

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      • Torah faith as contrasted by the faith framed by the religions of avoda zarah.

        Religion totally misses the boat in matters of Torah faith. This faith defined by permitted types of מלאכה, commonly known as justice. This faith shapes the meaning and intent of all the תרי”ג \ 613 Commandments together with the Talmud’s lateral common law legal system. What’s the point of the logic system revelation IF Man abhors justice between and among his fellow Man? The Oral Torah logic format/system spins around a rational method by which to interpret Prophetic mussar. Mussar has zero connections with theological belief dictates.

        Theological belief dictates define all religions of avoda zarah/alien מלאכה. The terms מלאכה and עבודה closely related to one another. The latter associated with manual labor, whereas the former a skill/חכמה something like playing a musical instrument. The Talmud permits blowing the shofar on shabbat because it refers to it as a חכמה/skill rather than עבודה. Both Shabbat and the rest of the days of the week spin against acts of forbidden מלאכה – “injustice”. From the vile sale of Josef to Egyptian slavery … to the oppression of Par’o, and how he enslaved all Israelites… forbidden מלאכה not just limited to the acts of building the Mishkan/Tabernacle of the Congregation. The construction of the Mishkan, Israel dedicated the souls of their children to not do forbidden actions of theft, oppression, ערוה, and judicial bribery ie forbidden מלאכה.

        As מלאכה defines Torah justice. Sin and belief in the Devil: defines Xtian avoda zarah. Paul justified the theology of belief in JeZeus as the false messiah based upon his absurd theory of ‘Original Sin’. A perversion of the Torah comparable to how the Rambam’s statute law halachot perverted Talmudic common law. Both this and that established new religions of avoda zarah. The Rambam has his famous 13 points of theological belief, something like the Nicene Creed.

        All religions of avoda zarah spin around the central axis of some cult of personality. From christ, to mohammad, to buddha all belief systems dictate a theology and creed that followers of that religion MUST believe. The church murdered and tortured people who embraced opposing theological beliefs. The 30 Years War, killed about as many as did WWI, Protestants and Catholics slaughtered one another because the Protestant Cross stripped Jesus from off its crucifix; combined with Protestant rejection of the cult of Mary, and her eternal virginity.

        Avoda zarah makes God or Gods the focus of the faith parameters. The Torah by stark contrast makes justice as the focus of faith; all generations equally bear the moral burden to live just lives. A key Torah negative commandment defines the 2nd Sinai commandment not to worship avoda zarah through the common law precedent: the negative commandment not to assimilate to foreign cultures and customs and not to marry Goyim, whose people never accepted the revelation of Sinai & Horev. Avoda zarah emphasizes a Universal scope of faith.

        Oral Torah logic as opposed by ancient Greek philosophy spins solely around the axis of interpreting the mussar commanded by and within the Books of the T’NaCH prophets. Plato and Aristotle’s logic have Universal applications as does Hegel logic format which Marx, Lenin, and the Bolsheviks later embraced.

        Torah faith spins around the oath sworn lands, only within the brit Republic of Tribes can Jews observe Talmudic common law as expressed through lateral courtrooms. Religious Orthodox Judaism perverts the Beit Din courts. The Orthodox Beit Din fails to assign a court judge to serve each of the opposing parties in a legal conflict – prosecutor and defence. הלכה למעשה/practical halacha\ today, consequent to the Rambam Civil War, has assimilated to Roman statute law rather than Jewish common law.

        The American Civil War never fought to end slavery.

        Slavery, not limited to blacks shipped from Africa to the New World. The damned Yankee victory in the American Civil War did not terminate slavery. That vile illegal war of Yankee aggression only employed slavery as a propaganda excuse to terminate States Rights. Yankee interests simply shifted, due to the requirements of the Industrial revolution. Factory owners still pay slave wages to their workers. Washington, for example, just recently validated the railroad monopoly which refuses to pay sick leave to workers; elected Congress persons – how many days of paid sick leave to they receive?! The industrial revolution concentrates wealth into the hands of the elite corporate slave owners, commonly referred to as Robber Barons, post-Civil War. The damned Yankee version of slavery merely switched the American slavery issue away from the oppressed black folk unto the rich white folk elected to Congress.

        דברים ד:ח – – ומי גוי גדול אשר לו חקים ומשפטים צדיקם ככל התורה הזאת. תהלים פט:טו – – צדק ומשפט מכון\יסוד/כסאך, חסד ואמת יקדמו פניך. Repeated again in תהלים צז:ב.

        Justice the traditional translation for this word – – צדק. The profound מלאכה wisdom of the Oral Torah, never in 2000+ years did any church authority figure ever discover the Oral Torah within the Written Torah! Oral Torah common law/משנה תורה\ its wisdom so completely profound, Goyim scholars could never grasp its splendor. The wisdom of Oral Torah common law stands separate and distinct from democratic statute law.

        A Torah Constitutional Republic resembles in many ways the American Founding Fathers vision of the 13 Colonies forged into a Republic of States. The post Civil War abomination, how the victors of that illegal war of Yankee aggression perverted the American Constitution away from Representatives sent as ambassadors of the States of the Union to represent the interests of their States and the People before the Federal Congress.

        So completely different than that of the post Civil War Political Parties which hijacked the designated purpose of State Representatives sent to Congress. Pre Civil War known through the political expression of “States Rights”. Post Civil War those Congress persons and Senators only elected. They now come to Washington to serve as agents appointed to represent the collective interests of a specific political Party rather than that of the State which sent them to Washington. Democrat or Republican political interests demand party loyalty. States rights no longer an issue in American national politics. Alas the perversion of the American Republic did not stop there.

        The vile victors of the American Civil War, thereafter radically expanded the voting franchise and illegally established the domination of Washington political establishment, achieved now through Corporate lobbies having a revolving door incest relationship with the Federal bureaucracies & ever-expanding National debt. Elected Congress persons do not negotiate with other States to pass a Bill through Congress. Congressional Party politics subcommittees, they add vast pork spending to all Bills submitted to Congress. A Corporate monopoly, for example, controls the National Bank/Federal Reserve. Most of the National debt fills the pockets of these private owners of this National private monopoly.

        America has become a nation always in a state of War. Perpetual War enriches the Indusrial military complex Corporate monopoly. During the oppression of the Great Depression FDR robbed the land of the American farmers and ranchers and turned over bank confiscated private property, sold to powerful agriculture monopolies which annually demand 10s of billion of dollars in Federal subsidies.

        The Federal Reserve duplicated the crime committed by the Radical Republicans post Civil War. After the fall of Wall Street in 1929 the Federal Reserve severely restricted the US currency permitted on the open market. The Radical Republicans did the same with Lincolns ‘greenbacks’ after the Civil War. This action resulted in the concentration of wealth into the Robber Baron Corporate monopolies. Teddy Roosevelt, made famous as a ‘Trust Buster’. Simple Americans failed to grasp that if Washington can break up a Corporate monopoly, it can equally establish Corporate monopolies which Washington approves. Elected “enslaved” Officialdom, have to spend hundreds of millions to get elected into political office. This has made them chattel owned by the Corporate monopolies.

        The gross perversion and distortion of the post-Civil War United States democracy resembles the post Rambam Civil War which perverted the מלאכה of Common Law unto the עבודה of Roman statute law. The latter makes no Primary/Secondary distinction between the Mishna and the Gemara. Like and similar to the American Representatives “elected and not appointed to Congress”, who obey the dictation of Corporate lobbies, who write the Bills which these corrupted “enslaved” chattel Officials submit before Congress!

        The election process in the modern American democracy demands that all elected personnel sell their souls to the Corporate monopolies, which finance their election & perpetual re-election victories. It’s really a moot point to restrict term length to Office. Because whatever politician wins his State election process, which permits that victor to become rich while “serving” in Washington, that Congressperson or Senator – this slave, this chattel piece of property, “its” owned by the Corporate monopolies which financed the election victory.

        The post-Civil War American “democracy” has perverted the United States into a banana Republic! The less than 1% who get elected to Washington become fabulously wealthy while “serving” in Washington, the rest of the 99% of the American people grovel in poverty; the American middle class has become an endangered species threatened with extinction. How did Nancy Pelosi, who spent 30 years in Washington, become a fabulously rich millionaire, other than by insider trading? The Corporate monopolies exist as the puppet masters who pull the strings of their bought and paid for chattel slaves who “serve” in Congress. States’ Rights, corrupt damned Yankee Washington bites.

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      • A lot there to digest. For sure. This interpretation of history, not taught in public high schools. Even though my Freshmen history professor did mention States Rights as the chief cause of the Southern revolt. He did not elaborate and go into the details that this interpretation of American history attempts to examine.

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  1. Ann Vandersteel, a US Constitutional expert has stated: that constitutional law is above the statutory law of the government bureaucrats and that the government is created by the people through statutory law.
    Now contrast the difference between how the B’hag, Rif and Rosh halachic codes differ from the Rambam, Tur, and Shulkan Aruch halachic codes – Common Law as opposed to statute law. The latter makes no distinction if a halacha comes from a Mishna or Gemarah source. The Gemara learns the Mishna as Common Law. I submit to you that Rabbi Yechuda named his Mishna based upon דברים having a second name משנה תורה, and that this 2nd name means: Common Law.

    The Baali Tosafot commentary exists as a Common Law commentary on the Talmud. Because the Gemara commentary to the Mishna, the latter continues the Mishnaic Common law. The Mishna – a Case/Rule system of Common Law. The Difficulty/Answer style of the Gemara reflects the Prosecutor/Defense role of a 3 man Torts court.

    The Capital Crimes Sanhedrin courts likewise split into a Prosecution and Defense organization. The opposing judges argued their prospective case in order to persuade an opposing justice of the court to switch sides. If no justice switched then the Nassi would decide the Case. When I sat as a Sanhedrin judge in Jerusalem, my rabbinic peers did not understand the “Order” of a Sanhedrin courtroom. They wanted to base that court upon a Rambam “statute law” model!

    The Yeshiva world fails to address that publication of the Rambam halachic code threw the Jewish world into total anarchy and chaos. The Spanish rabbis highly assimilated to the recent discovery of ancient Greek philosophy. Sa’adiah Gaon too embraced and assimilated to the recent rediscovery of ancient Greek philosophy.

    Contrast the Hannukah story. The Perushim rejected Greek culture, specifically the logic developed by Plato and Aristotle. The Tzeddukim, like the later Spanish rabbis (Ezra’s son converted to Islam) highly assimilated to ancient Greek philosophy. I submit that Maccabeans dedicated the lights of Hannukah – to interpret the Written Torah restricted to Common Law precedents. I can prove that any sugia ס, or parek פ in the Chumash can learn directly from the משנה תורה of the Oral Torah Book of דברים.

    Order סדר defines both the Siddur and the Sha’s Mishna. Common law completely different from Roman statute law. The Rambam code – – bases itself on an Arabic/Greek statute law system. The Rambam based his halachic code, as did Sa’adiah Gaon upon the Arabic numerical system. Arab philosophers, how they learned Aristotle’s logic format, highly influenced both assimilated scholars!

    What causes antisemitism? Jewish assimilation and intermarriages, emphasized in the Book of Ezra. The Torah through a direct negative commandment forbids assimilation to any culture or customs of Goyim who do not recognize the revelation of the Torah at Sinai & Horev. The generation of Shoah Jewry, what percentage of assimilation describes that generation lost?

    The beit din of Rabbenu Jonah placed the Rambam into charem and burned his books in Spain in the early 1230s. In 1242 the king of France and the Pope burned all the Talmud in Paris. The Civil War between the Common Law Jewish scholars vs the Statute Law Jewish scholars best identified between the Rosh and his son the Baali Turim.
    The halachot within the Common Law codes of the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh – – they serve as precedents to study and learn the expansive nature of the language of the Mishna. That’s why those common law scholars always open with a Mishna before bringing the Gemara precedents of הלכה למעשה. Assimilated Rambam’s code, despite having the name משנה תורה, his code bases its halachic rulings upon Roman statute law. The difference between British vs French and German law. British courts – common law; French and German courts – Roman statute law.

    The Almoravids invasion of Spain in 1086. Followed by the Crusade war crimes in Germany, clearly enhanced Jewish chaos and anarchy, in 1096. The Rambam Civil War followed this absolute disaster. The chaos and anarchy which divided Jewry, invited as a consequence foreign intervention. Just as has happened in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan today!

    The Rambam code, first published in approximately 1180. That code burned in Spain in the early 1230s. All the Jews of England, expelled in the early 1290s. The school of Talmudic common law scholarship, the Baali Tosafot, all Jews expelled from France in 1306. The German kings impose taxation without representation upon all Jews in the German kingdoms. This destroys virtually all Jewish business in Germany. The church imposes the decree which imprisons all Western European Jewry to exist in ghetto prisons. A huge population transfer follows, 10s of thousands of Jews flee from Western Europe to Poland and the Ukraine.

    Following the victory of the statute law Rambam school over the French common law Baali Tosafot school, all Jewish scholarship made on the Talmud and halachic codes switched to statute law. From the Ron’s commentary to the Rif to all commentaries made on the Rambam Tur and Shulkan Aruch codes – all statute law.

    Compare this Civil War to the American Civil War which switched America from a Republic to a Democracy! States rights economic autonomy and control over Senators and Congress persons sent to Washington to serve the interests of the States which sent them there … to Party discipline which determines how Congress persons and Senators vote on any and all Bills presented to Congress!

    Now recall how this letter opened: “Ann Vandersteel, a US Constitutional expert has stated: that constitutional law is above the statutory law of the government bureaucrats and that the government is created by the people through statutory law.”

    The difference between מלאכה and עבודה, the former a skilled labor. The Talmud of ראש השנה refers to the blowing of the shofar as a מלאכה/חכמה permitted on shabbat. The families of Levi who transported the Tent of the Mishkan by contrast referred to as simple labor/עבודה. Comparable to the עבודה of Egyptian slavery.

    Shabbat observance: Shabbat can mean both a day and also a week. I submit that a person commits to not doing acts of מלאכה on the day of shabbat to not doing forbidden acts of עבודה on the 6 days of Chol/shabbat! This depth analysis the Rambam and all other statute law codes totally ignore!

    Today Karen and I got married 25 years ago.

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  2. The vision of the Torah as a Constitutional Republc.

    A Republic not at all the same thing as a democracy. The difference between the two political concepts: poles apart. A contrast to one another as the Athens democracy which forced Socrates to drink hemlock from the Republic which forges 12 Tribes into one United Republic. In a word: the distinction between the terms, based upon the miracle lights of Hannukah, between a skilled מלאכה wisdom from an unskilled עבודה slavery.

    A Torah Constitutional Republic, an ideal, a vision, as yet not a historical fact. Slavery in ancient Egypt, or 18th & 19th Century South America or the Confederate States of America, an historical fact. The Confederate States of America lost its struggle to achieve national Independence. I no more condemn an agriculturally based Confederate economy which depended and relied upon slavery to produce National wealth, than do i condemn Nazi Germany or Chamberlains appeasement or Pope Pius XII self-catered vanity to protect the interests of the Catholic church as his morality of choice. The respective policies which condemned Jews, for the bitter Boxcar Versallies Treaty dictate, Chamberlain/Hitler dictate which destroyed Czech freedom, and the Nazi Pius dictate which surrendered the Jews of Rome to the crematorium. 10 Downing Street and Pius Rome both worked together as allies of Hitler.

    Let other condemn these bastard sub-human animals. This Jewish political movement which seeks to establish a Torah Constitutional Republic, condemns present day antisemitism as the sole fault of the Jewish people who have assimilated to cultures and customs of Goyim nations who have NEVER accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai at Horev. This sin, it defines as our eternal golden calf throughout the generations.

    I live today. Condemning Cowards whom history has swept upon the dung heaps of history accomplishes NOTHING, changes NOTHING, teaches no mussar. Rather such false emotional anger only invites other cruel cowards to deny the Shoah today in order to promote antisemitism again and again and again. Torah commands mussar strictly and only to living generations today; it rejects history as a perversion of faith. The corruption of history invites historic revisionism. Many Goyim even now they deny that the Shoah ever occurred.

    Cowards lack the moral spine to accept, much less so, take responsibility for the actions of their previous criminal government leaders. You cannot make a silk purse from the ear of a sow pig. Torah mussar therefore limits the scope of its mussar to a simple premise: a bird in hand, worth two in the bush. Torah mussar rejects the topic of history. The latter subject has no share in Torah faith. The Talmud combines Aggadic “history” stories. Aggaditah learns these history stories to glean prophetic mussar. The editors of the Talmud then combined these Aggadic history stories together with halachic ritual observances.

    Therefore, who bears FULL responsibility for the Shoah abomination? My People. The Jewish People who assimilated and intermarried with Goyim cultures, traditions, customs, manners, and ways. Tractate Avoda Zarah teaches that all Goyim societies, they forever reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and at Horev. Jewish worship of idolatry/avoda zarah\ this Golden Calf sin – it caused Jewish g’lut before the armies of the Babylonians and the Romans; it’s the first cause for the Shoah, and all antisemitism today.

    Pointing fingers at sub-human Goyim leaders and slime cowards simply does not interest Torah mussar. Those vile Nazi criminals do not live today. Persuading the Jews living today to abandon the crimes of assimilation and intermarriage, herein defines Torah faith. This the eternal golden calf of the Jewish people, Jewish assimilation and intermarriage, merits absolute condemnation by my person in particular, and the Torah Constitutional Republic as a movement – in general.

    Mussar applies strictly and only to the Jewish people alone. No religion professed by Goyim as truth or the Universal faith etc etc etc, ever taught mussar as the pillar of Torah faith. Only a minority of Jewish rabbis teach mussar as the k’vanna substance of faith. Goyim do not even know the meaning of the word mussar. Therefore, why condemn sub-human barbarians for their crimes against humanity, when the civilizations which produced these sub-human barbarians, they all do not possess the least bit of a clue what mussar means? Such vanity compares to the cruelty of beating animals, due to their inability to understand human languages.


  3. Establishment of a Constitutional Torah Republic: such an institution promises to heal the current Secular/Religious divide which has conflicted Jews, prior to Israeli Independence in the wars fought in 1948 & 1967.
    The Jerusalem Post reports:

    “The most widely accepted proposal for amending the Law of Return is the annulment of the “grandchild clause,” such that the non-Jewish grandchild of a Jewish grandfather would not be able to immigrate to Israel, or at least would not be able to do so without his parents or the Jewish grandfather.”

    One “secular” critic is Ruth Gavison, a professor of law at Hebrew University and a former candidate for the Israel Supreme Court. In an 86 page paper, The Law of Return at Sixty Years: History, Ideology, Justification she recommends revisiting the Grandparent Clause as “too broad.” She also suggests amending the Law of Return to not grant automatic citizenship to olim (immigrants).”

    The chief cornerstone upon which a Jewish Constitutional Republic stands: A) The Written Torah ie first 4 Books of the Torah, to function as the Written Constitution of the Israeli Republic of economically autonomous States of the Union, based upon the oath alliance by which first Commonwealth Israel forges a Republic among the 12 Tribes. B) The establishment of lateral Common Law Courtrooms based upon the mandate of these Sanhedrin Courts to conduct ‘Legislative Review’ or משנה תורה over laws passed by the Knesset or any other type of Jewish government across all States of the Republic.

    Oral Torah common law rejects the Statute Law assimilation as a perversion of the Torah in both substance and form. Whereas statute law as embodied in the Rambam, Asher & Karo statute halachic codifications emphasizes the importance of forms of ritual, expressed through their assimilated and therefore skewed idea of the halachic definition, as the substance of Law.

    Oral Torah common law courts learn Aggaditah as the basis to glean the k’vanna of Prophetic T’NaCH mussar. And employ this Prophetic mussar as the k’vanna of all ritual halachic observances. Oral Torah makes distinction between substance from form. The substance of Common Law Courts prioritizes the authority of the T’NaCH prophetic mussar and the Mishna over the authority of the halachot learned from the Amoraim Gemara sources.

    Statute halachah endeavours to impose a restricted definition of halacha upon all Jews as “the” Torah inheritance of the Jewish People. This foreign assimilation fails to recognize the primary authority of any Mishna source over any later Gemara source. All the later commentaries made on the assimilated Statute halachic codifications fail to study the code precedent halacha back to understand the k’vanna its Mishnaic Primary Source.

    Furthermore, Oral Torah Common Law rejects any such artificial Orthodox monopoly over the Torah inheritance to all Israel. Based upon the Mishna which teaches that all Israel have a portion in the World to Come; the oath brit faith of Avram cut upon the souls of his future born generation chosen Cohen seed. The Talmud learns that the mitzva of tifillah exist as the נמשל of the Torah korbanot משל. Just as the Cohen inheritance: not restricted soley to the House of Aaron, so too and how much more so: the Torah not restricted to Orthodox Jews who follow assimilated Roman Law halachic codifications – – a direct violation of the Torah negative commandment not to worship other Gods.

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      • Rashi preceded assimilated Rambam. Spanish Jewry, assimilation defines their Torah scholarship with Greek philosophy and Arabic interpretations of Greek philosophy.


      • Rashi, the head of the French school which learned the Torah and Talmud as common law rather than the assimilated method which learned the Torah and Talmud as statute law. For example: assimilated Rambam’s Sefer Ha’Mitzvot/Book of the Commandments divides the Torah commandments into a statute law 248 positive and 365 negative commandment Order.

        Common law the prosecuting & defense attorney employ specific Torah commandments as precedents through which they derive the mussar interpretation of Torah law gleaned from the Written Torah ie the first 4 Books of the Torah. The fifth Book of the Torah directly compares to the Mishna written by Rabbi Yechudah ha’Nasi in 210 CE.

        The Book of דברים goes by the name of משנה תורה/common law. Rabbi Yechuda named his codification of Sanhedrin rulings the משנה, because that halachic codification he organized on a Case/Rule common law methodology.


      • Notice the distinct difference in Rashi’s פשט learning on the Chumash/Torah as opposed or contrasted by Rashi’s פשט learning on the Talmud. Day and Night distinction why? Church hostility climaxed in the first Crusades in Rashi’s lifetime.

        Rashi’s commentary to the Torah/Chumash, follows Rabbi Akiva’s kabbalah known as פרדס/Pardes scholarship. Rashi’s commentary to the Talmud limits its instruction only to assist young students how to read a page of Gemarah. Common law learns by precedents not by reading law books.

        The Baali Tosafot, the grand children of Rashi, their commentary to the Talmud — a common law commentary based upon bring precedents from other Talmudic sources by which to learn a halacha on a page of the Gemarah.

        Assimilated Rambam’s code of halachah – based upon Roman statute law caused a Jewish Civil War which brought disaster upon g’lut Jewry across all of Europe.

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      • Don’t take it hard. If you examine all the later commentaries written on Rashi’s commentaries to the Chumash and Talmud, never a one made the day and night distinction between how the two sets of Rashi commentary contradicted one another! No halachic commentary ever made on the B’hag Rif and Rosh tohor common law halachic codes saw the distinct distinction between Common Law as opposed by Statute Law! A thousand years of Jewish scholarship completely off the path.

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      • Jewish avoda zarah during the Middle Ages

        The distinction between the Book of Commandments, published by the earliest Reshonim scholars to how modern scholarship understands Torah precedents, which establish Torah Common Law.

        The Books of Torah commandments made by Jewish scholars after Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Talmud, beginning with a code published by Rabbi Saadia Gaon, and further developed by the B’hag and followed by the Rambam’s code of the commandments impacted and shaped lesser rabbinic authorities something like a ירידות הדורות “domino effect”. Rabbi Saadia Gaon organized his theory of commandments something like the concentric cone made by water going down a tub train. His theory prioritized the 10 commandments as the Av commandments. All other Torah commandments function as toldot/off spring\ commandments to the 10 commandments of Sinai.

        The difficulty with this legal theory, the Talmud teaches that Israel in hysteria and panic following the revelation of the opening first two revelation Commandments at Sinai, that our forefathers thereafter, in fear of their lives, demanded from Moshe that he make aliya upon Sinai and receive the rest of the Torah.

        Another apparent flaw in this early Gaonic commandment code, the failure to identify T’NaCH prophesy “Commandments” as mussar. Mussar, by definition does not exist as some ossified or petrofied fossels, turned unto stone box thinking or pigeon-holed classifications. The Written Torah like the Talmud exists, at least to some Talmudic and Reshonim opinions, both as highly edited texts.A dispute within the Talmud itself, that Moshe did not write the concluding verses of the Book of דברים\משנה תורה. It appears to me that Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi favored this latter opinion. That he based his common law codification, the Mishneh, upon the משנה תורה Book דברים.

        The assimilated Books of Commandments, published in the early Middle Ages, they all fundamentally erred. Their failure to grasp, that all T’NaCH prophets command mussar. That the vision of T’NaCH prophesy applies equally, across the board, to all generations of Israel. The division of the Talmud into two main branches: Halacha & Aggadita supports this thesis. That the sages both Tannaim and Amoraim viewed the T’NaCH prophets as teachers of mussar aggadita. Rather than physical historical predictions of future events, as the New Testament claims.

        The rabbis of the early Middle Ages, like as do all g’lut generations of exiled Jewish refugee populations, who to the present-day dwell among foreign cultures and customs. That all generations of g’lut Jewry, by definition, struggle with foreign assimilation. Specifically, the assimilation wherein Goyim scholars view the T’NaCH Books has historical history rather than aggadic mussar. The New Testament promotes the narrative of a physical virgin birth Jesus, the imaginary man.

        The church views as utter heresy the idea that the Jesus gospel stories only tell a glorified tale of a mystic mythical, fictional character. Such a possibility shatters their ethical containment force, established early on by the church, based upon their classic Creeds, Doctrines, and Dogmatism.

        The early assimilated rabbinic authorities, influenced by how the church organized its ethical containment force religion, the power exerted by these foreign influences persuaded the Reshonim rabbis to write their rigid books of Torah commandments. This statute law perversion divided the תרי”ג Commandments into a positive/negative statute code of Torah commandments.

        All the later Reshon Books of Commandments, such as the ספר החינוך or how the Smag attempted to organize halachot around the commandments, they failed to consider how aggadita interprets the T’NaCH as mussar. That mussar serves as the common denominator between the Torah commandments and all the Books of the NaCH prophets! That mussar likewise merges into the narrative stories of Talmudic aggadah and later Midrashic sources of scholarship. That mussar does not compare to an ice cube tray.

        This channeling of the Torah into rigid religious frames of reference, it appears to me, introduced comparable to the error introduced by king Shlomo’s decision to build a catholic like cathedral, which ignored the direct mussar Natan the prophet instructed king David. Shlomo chose to build the Temple rather than establish Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law courts across the States/Tribes of the Republic as the basis to rule the Republic with judicial justice.

        Both this and that, they triggered a tremendous error of ירידת הדורות upon the generations, and especially upon g’lut Jewry. The codification of the Torah into frozen brittle commandments effectively collapsed the vision of משנה תורה common law precedents! The latter makes a fundamental distinction between Torah precedents and Torah Common Law.

        The writings of the New Testament apostle Paul, its impact compares to the meteor that struck the Earth and caused the dinosaurs total extinction! Paul, as an agent of God, he declared to the Goyim – the freedom of Goyim from “the Law”. Paul qualifies as an anarchist revolutionary. His religious rhetoric propaganda conveniently failed to validate the day and night distinction which separates Jewish Common Law from Roman Statute Law! All the later commentaries written upon the halachic Reshon codifications, these assimilated rabbis, they too failed to make this distinct but absolutely fundamental separation between shabbat and chol/common law vs. statute law.

        The early Middle Ages Books of Torah commandments prioritizes Commandments over Torah precedents and therein assimilates to the viewpoint which perverts Torah commandments into Statute Laws which assumes that Torah Commandments stand upon their own legs. Rather than Torah legal precedents which compare to Written Torah sugiot, based upon shared פרדס middot, with the intention to learn prophetic mussar Common Law!

        Assimilation to Goyim cultures and customs, Jewish rabbinic authorities perverted the Torah into a Plato/Aristotle logic & statute law avoda zarah; a direct violation of the 2nd Sinai commandment. The Rambam, for example, failed to discern that monotheism violates the 2nd Sinai Commandment. He erroneously thought that praying to Allah did not violate the 1st Sinai commandment! As such his avoda zarah error duplicated Aaron’s translation of the Name of HaShem unto אלהים – the sin of the Golden Calf.

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  4. History: the study of past dead generations vs. Prophetic mussar – the rebuke to all generations living.

    The Hebrew T’NaCH includes Torah Prophets and Holy Writings. The relationship of the Holy Writings to the Torah and Prophets compares to the relationship the Gemarah of the Talmud has with the Mishna. The T’NaCH does not include any Books of History as the alien Xtian biblical classifications falsely assumes.

    The T’NaCH does not teach History but rather prophetic mussar. Big/HUGE error in basic T’NaCH scholarship. Mussar defines the concept of all T’NaCH prophesy. Prophets did not foretell the future, predicting the future falls under mysticism like as found in the Book of Daniel or the tumah witchcraft abomination which worships a female God. By absolute contrast, prophetic mussar applies equally to all generations of bnai brit Israel! Only bnai brit Israel has a sworn oath-brit-alliance with HaShem. The Xtian Bible and Muslim Koran – both fail to bring even once – the name of HaShem – as revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai!

    The Talmud views the stories in the T’NaCH NOT as history but rather prophetic mussar. The “Aggadita” communicated within the first Book of בראשית, all these Torah characters teach prophetic mussar. RATHER than physical notions of historical reality. The Aggaditic stories from Adam, Noach, the Avot and the children of Israel who descend unto Egyptian g’lut — all these personages communicate Aggadita mussar stories, not the history of the people of Israel. The story of Israel enslaved in Egypt by Par’o and redeemed by Moshe — also strictly & only an Aggadita mussar nonliteral story. These mussar nonliteral stories, they serve as the basis by which Israelites forged the unique culture and customs which form & shape the collective souls of the Jewish people – our identities of self – as a people distinct and separated from all other peoples on this Earth.

    The T’NaCH Aggadic mussar stories, they do not define Jewish ancient history. Rather these codifications, they both describe and define, the cultures and customs developed by an ancient people – known today as the Jewish people. A people do not develop their identifying cultures and customs out of thin air. This most essential fact, it does not “convert” the Hebrew T’NaCH literature into a collection of history books as the biblical and korah scholars claim. That the authors and framers of these collection of T’NaCH Books, despite written a long time ago … the k’vanna of all these aggadic works contained within T’NaCH literature – T’NaCH aggadic mussar stories, do NOT communicate concrete actual histories of ancient Israel.

    This subtle distinction of k’vanna/intent\ separates Torah faith, day and night: from Xtian and Muslim avoda zarah Av tumah faiths. The latter “holy” (a pun) books absolutely depend upon and requires concrete depictions of physical history. Abstract aggadic mussar has absolutely no meaning or purpose in the Creeds and theologies espoused by all avoda zarah belief systems. Xtianity cannot exist without a physical Jesus. Rava, a later Amorah Gemarah sage, he expresses a totally opposing idea to the false history parameters set by the preachers of avoda zarah – – Rava refers to Job only as an imaginary man!

    This warp/weft: concrete/physical vs. abstract\emotional – Talmudic “loom” – it weaves the fabric of all Talmudic literature, which always separates concrete realist halacha, from its opposing abstract emotional/aggadic feelings. This distinct division within and throughout the whole of the Talmud, it fundamentally defines how the Sages perceived the relationship between Torah commandments. vs.Torah common law/משנה תורה. The New Testament fiction which pretends to depict the imaginary man Jesus as God, and the actual character, the agent provocateur the Apostle Paul, both this & that errs to make the most essential of distinctions between Jewish Oral Torah common law contrasted by Roman statute law.

    Obviously, the translation of the ancient Hebrew prophetic mussar texts have greatly interested many alien outsiders, foreign Goyim scholars who never cut an oath sworn alliance with HaShem. The hard fact, that Goyim scholarship ignores the Order and organization of the Torah, known as פ/chapter and ס\sub-chapter (פרק\סוגיה). This gross error, arrogant Biblical foreign translators, who unilaterally presume that they possess a mandate to impose a completely different Order and organization upon the Torah & NaCH literature. This foolishness compares to the UN who assumes that they possess a protectorate mandate over Israel which gives them the legal right (international law) to determine the international borders of the Jewish state of Israel, together with the determination of the Capital of Israel! The numbered Chapters and verses made throughout their biblical perversions, defines the arrogance and ignorance of Xtian biblical scholarship throughout history. The pius fools remain totally oblivious, that changing the Order and structure of the T’NaCH compares to GOD vs. DOG.

    This Goyification of the Hebrew T’NaCH likewise prioritizes the history of a theology which declares biblical characters as actual real-life historical persons. At the same time, this perversion totally and completely ignores prophetic mussar expressed through Aggadic abstract emotions, expressed throughout all T’NaCH literature! This foreign European viewpoint, it has shaped and defined the avoda zarah of both Xtianity and Islam. The falsification of ancient Hebrew culture and customs into artificial “actual” history, artificially created, a physical history narrative that never actually lived nor existed; this tumah corruption of the T’NaCH, it has changed and degraded & defiled the mussar message within the whole of the T’NaCH, throughout the entire history of Xtianity and Islamic avoda zarah.

    Church arrogance, throughout its entire history, therefore, views the Talmud with extreme hostility. The Talmudic sages who read the T’NaCH as prophetic mussar/aggadita. Who separate and distinguishe between abstract tohor vs. concrete tumah middot “spirits” (lust for a woman, for example, represents a tumah emotion), this most basic and fundamental T’NaCH mussar, the church fathers have utterly despised, discounted, and ignored. Hebraic prophetic mussar simply does not fit into their ‘Good News’ narrative. Which the New Testament proponents throughout history have actively desired to preach & promote across the world.

    Therefore, the church fathers in total derision of how the Jewish refugee people, the developed our customs, cultures and traditions that shaped and defined by both T’NaCH and Talmud. These evil most wicked church fathers, they preferred to deny the existence of all Oral Torah common law; linked to prophetic mussar, by means of the Aggadic portions within the Talmud. According to the פרדס kabbalah as taught by Rabbi Akiva, and all the sages within the Talmud. The corrupt church fathers simply chose to burn the Talmud, as did the Nazis, rather than consider or objectively weigh the essential perspective taught by Jewish Torah Talmudic scholars.

    Starting with the Apostle Paul, Goyim religious leaders, authorities, and scholars condemned any attempt to “Judaize” Xtianity, as this threatened their false messiah narrative; their Creed based belief systems & theologies. The early church leadership emphatically rejected inclusion of their Creed based theologies as having any part with the cursed Christ killers. They rejected any attempt categorize Xtianity as being just another Jewish heretical subset within Jewish culture and traditions. The church therefore strove to develop its own unique set of cultures and traditions, which shapes the different European civilizations and societies of Europe & Russia; or until the Shoah abomination obliterated the good name of their false religion.

    The western notions of history define box thinking. The west simply refuses to acknowledge that life and reality exist outside of their silly theological creed boxes. This Catholic Church called this type of box thinking stupidity ‘church dogma’. The Inquisition banned publication of Galileo’s works on astronomy because it challenged church dogma. Western science and medicine compared with this silly worthless hidebound dogmatism merits deep consideration.

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    • .Much of this I can use for my Ishmael story. I had been wondering about the connection between people and Torah. Also I do realise we are dealing with non literal or archetypal stories. Thank you.

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