Renewing my spirit

What are your biggest challenges?

This is the prompt for today. My biggest challenge is me.

Since the beginning of serious Covid-19 restrictions I have become a passive being. Not quiet the same as procrastination , the putting off of doing, rather that the world and how I reside in it is not the urgent harried place I used to believe.

The Universe revolves neither about the Earth nor me!

Continuing to be about my appointed tasks, my sermons and Biblical posts, yet in my spirit quiescent and uncaring.

I guide the spiritually challenged. Needing a handrail for my good intentions; Not having prayed truly since 2019, I lead Bible study and gather in the cares in prayer to the Almighty One. Others are eased by this vacant soul, this untethered spirit, my ruach blows once more. I avow to turn again. Let’s see!


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