Originally ordained deacon in an Independent Catholic Church

I am a Life Professed member of the Ecumenical Franciscan Order, also one of the three Priests in the Blue Mountains Franciscan’s Church – a Mission of the EFO.

I was Ordained to the Priesthood on the Feast of St. Francis 2015 after spending over 10 years as a deacon. My Ordaining Bishop was Bishop Peter Johnson of Christ Our Hope Community Sydney.

At Bmfchurch there are four of us altogether, 3 priests and a Lay Sister who holds our Ministry of prayer.

Our parish is Ecumenically Christian, in the Protestant understanding of that definition, and non-denominational.

In being non-denominational we hope to attract those disenfranchised by Church to an environment lacking in preconceptions i.e we do not refer to ourselves as independent ” denomination” but hope to identify with people holding beliefs stemming from all of these.

Currently our congregation consists of others  from Anglican background, it will be very interesting to see what occurs as the balance shifts.

Here I plan to examine such of St Francis’ writings as I have to hand and to re-examine the Sacramental Tradition that sent three of us back from the Roman denomination to a freer environment where such things are in want of redefinition.

AND with thought to the disenfranchised

Over the past two years I have experienced a paradigm shift in my conceptual beliefs of what Eucharist Signifies. This in the light of a Church where many of those disenfranchised,  are, from Roman perspective, deprived of the Sacraments because there are no Independent Catholic Priests available to administer them; and the doctrines of that Denomination and the beliefs of its former members prevent them from receiving Christ within an alternative sacramental paradigm – because such so called ‘sacraments’ are invalid.

It is my intention  to examine the contemporary Christian Church through the eyes of our Founder St. Francis of Assisi with special attention to a concept that once a hierarchy established itself the Eucharist was taken Hostage by what I will refer to as Levitical priests, rather than Priests after the Order of Melchizedek – and that the ransom payable by the people is far too high.



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