Afterlife intro and afterlife – Adam and Eve

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Afterlife Introduction

The Eastern church has a much different view of the entire life process than the Western Church, especially that of the Roman Catholic Church. I offer here a look into our views as part of my desire to introduce Western Christians (and non-Christians) into our way of seeing things. Not with the desire to convert anyone, but as a way of making people aware of the differences between Eastern and Western thought on the subject.

My first point of note is that the Eastern church views the Afterlife not just as what happens after our death, but as the end product of a process that begins even before we are born. I will be covering everything from the time of the first birth, that of Adam (it does affect our process), to the end of our days. MORE

Source: Afterlife Introduction


Afterlife  Adam and Eve

Everything mankind has to deal with started with, and because of, Adam and Eve. According to Genesis (1:26) man was made “in our image (εἰκών), after our likeness (ὁμοίωσις)”. Image and…

Source: Afterlife – Adam and Eve




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