Naaman- the-aramean-of-arum-damascus

Naaman the Aramean of Aram-Damascus- or ” On Wednesday”

My Sermon of 3rd July at Hope Uniting Church.

The story of Naaman is one of Cleansing and Redemption, one, of the few words spoken by a Hebrew Maid, a vessel of the Lord the God of Israel; of wise servants and villains; of Prophets and kings.

We find four of our characters in the city of Aram in Syria they are Naaman, his wife, her maidservant, and the king ben Haddad II.

The other four in Israel and Samaria. The Prophet, 2 servants and a king Joram.

General Naaman held a special niche in the king’s heart because through him Yahweh had given salvation to Aram, in that he innocently killed Ahab, king of Israel.

And Naaman had leprosy…….


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